Toppik Hair Building Fibers Review: The Real Reason Why TOPPIK Remains Unbeatable!

The market is filled with so many hair fiber products yet somehow Toppik Hair Building Fibers remains on the top of the list every year. This Toppik Hair Fibers review will discuss why it has such an appeal.

Hair is a very sensitive and beloved topic for a lot of us. Hair controls our mood and behaviour more than we can ever understand. So it is important to take care of something like this which has a tremendous effect on our overall confidence and happiness.

Those of us who are suffering from hair loss and thinning, we know nothing hurts as much as seeing that bald patch everytime we look into the mirror. Luckily, I have found a hair product that can instantly make a difference in our hair by making it look voluminous, thick and healthy. We will learn more about this product in this Toppik Hair Building Fibers review.

What Is – Toppik Hair Building Fibers?

Hair Building Fibers by Toppik are made of natural colored hair protein. It is essentially a powder that you apply on the thinner layer of your hair to give it a fuller, thicker appearance. The fibers intertwine with your existing hair and create a bond between them. This means the fibers are not moving whatsoever.

If you thought Toppik is a hairfall solution then let me help you through your confusion. Toppik is a temporary hair fall solution that helps you to conceal your bald patches and thinning hairline instantly. It does not fix your hair fall issue, instead it helps you look your best for a certain amount of time.  

What’s Inside of – Toppik Hair Building Fibers?

Toppik Hair Fibers has a unique formulation where it acts as a hair thickener that creates the appearance of fuller hair. It is formulated using premium keratin because keratin is identical to human hair. This means the fibers blend in seamlessly with your natural hair and stays in place after application.

The key ingredients in Toppik Hair Building Fibers are:

  • Keratin
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Ammonium Chloride
  • Silica
  • Chlorphenesin

The core ingredient that the Toppik Hair Building Fibers is Keratin. Keratin fibers are the professional thickening fibers that have a static coating outside of it. This coating enables them to cling even to fine, thin and brittle hair creating an appearance of naturally thick, full hair.

Toppik hair fibers are made of one of the highest grade keratin you can find from a wool source. Most brands use cheap synthetic chemical dyes, artificial preservatives and fillers to formulate their hair fibers. As the ingredients are man made, there is no surprise that they won’t give a natural looking effect upon application. They also fall on your shoulder like dandruffs because they do not have that static effect Toppik is famous for.

Keratin fibers are a great alternative to dry shampoo as well. Unlike dry shampoo, keratin powder does not clog the hair follicles resulting in dandruff. It is easy to remove with any mild cleanser and does not leave any residue.

The Toppik Technology : How Does it Work?

Topic is one of the most well known and reviewed hair fiber brands on the market. They have been in this industry for a very long time and have created a place for themselves by providing quality products.

Nowadays there are a lot of hair fiber brands but nothing can compete with the original Toppik technology. Toppik Fibers works in two simple steps:

Magnetic Fibers:

The thin fibers in Toppik are made out of keratin, a form of protein that makes up the hair. These fibers contain a static or magnetic charge that helps them to cling to individual hair strands and creates bulk.

The Effect of Fullness:

As the bulks of magnetic strands are added to the hair, they appear to be fuller and thicker. This can be used on both men and women as hair is essentially the same for all genders.

What Makes Toppik So Unique And One-of-a-Kind?

When Toppik first launched their Hair Building Fibers, no one had ever seen anything like this before. Most people looked with suspicion and doubt as Toppik claims a lot of things that were simply impossible at that time. But as people gradually started trying it out, they realised how unique and beneficial this product is for an effortless everyday life. In this part of Toppik Hair building Fibers review, i am going to discuss the things I love the most about Toppik.

Resists – Sweat, Wind and Rain:

The first time I heard about Toppik, my initial thought was, this is going to look like a hot mess in public. I was surprised to discover how resistant the fibers are and how it sticks to the hair despite the heat, sweat, humidity and even rain. It clings on to even the finest of hair and does not smudge and transfer to your fabrics.

Easy to Use:

It looks intimidating but Toppik Hair Building Fibers is so easy to use. All you have to do is apply into the problem area and that’s it. You are good to go. It is designed to help you apply it as seamlessly as you can. To make your experience easier, they provide clear instructions that are really easy to follow.

Reverse Your Age:

Premature hair loss has such an impact on the way people perceive you, only those who have gone through this knows how hard it can be. Hair loss completely changes how old you look. Applying Toppik fibers on a receding hairline or gradual bald spot can instantly make you look 10 years younger than you already are. This applies for both men and women. This product is gender neutral as hair fall is something that happens to everyone.

Confidence Booster:

Hair plays such a major role in the way people perceive us and the way we perceive ourselves. After using Toppik for the first time, you will look at yourself in a different light. It is amazing how drastically different we look just because of our hair. You will feel confident and proud to go outside and enjoy life.

The Perfect Camouflage:

One thing I was very conscious about was Toppik’s claim to give a hairlike finish. This is hard to believe unless you see it for yourself. It looks like real hair and is totally indistinguishable. No one will be able to tell you are wearing hair building fibers even from up close.

But in order to build the perfect camouflage you need to pick the right shade for you. Most of the time you might think you have black hair when inface you have dark brown hair. The precise color selection is mandatory for this illusion to work.

How You Can Apply – Toppik Hair Building Fibers – For Optimum Result

How Men Can Get Thicker Hair with Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Applying Toppik Hair Building Fibers is really simple and easy. As you can see in the video, it takes merely a few seconds to put it in place. If you still need some instructions, follow these steps to get the result you desire.

Wash and Dry:

Wash your hair with a silicon free shampoo and conditioner. Silicon is bad for your hair as it causes oil production and eventually hair loss. Air dry your hair after washing.

Style in Accordance:

Style your hair however you want or prefer. There is no restriction on hair styling.

Shake Shake Shake:

Always shake the bottle before applying as the fibers tend to stick together into clumps due to their static coating.

Apply Toppik Spray Applicator:

Use the Toppik Spray Applicator to put hair fibers into the thinning areas of your head. Gently rub them in to create a bond between the fibers and your hair.

Use Toppik Hairline Optimizer:

The Toppik Hairline Optimiser helps you to create a natural gradual hairline instead of a bold obvious strike on the forehead. The optimizer gives a natural looking hairline.

Use Toppik FiberHold Spray:

To set all the fibers in place, use toppik fiber holding spray as it gives another extra layer of protection and a longer-lasting effect.

How to Match The Right Shade for Your Hair?

Matching your hair color with the Toppik Hair Building Fibers is probably the hardest part of this whole thing. You might think you know your hair color and place an order only to discover you ordered two shaded darker than what you actually are. This happens all the time because of things like bad lighting and poor decision making.

A lot of us have a mixture of two different colors. Some of us have highlights and dye in our hair. The more you think about the complex this simple thing gets. Here are some tips for you if you are having a hard time with color matching or mixing:

Ask a Friend:

It’s so simple. Ask a friend or a family member or maybe your partner to help you choose a shade from their color range.

Layer Shades:

If you have an in between color then layer the darker shade first then add the lighter one on top. Gently give them a rub and now you have your own unique shade.

Mix Shades:

If it is hard for you to get the right shade everytime by layering, you can mix two different shades in an empty bowl. The measurements depend on your hair color. So experiment and create your perfect match. It is a lot like painting, isn’t it?

Salt and Pepper:

If you have a greyish white with some black bits here and there, shake black or dark brown on your hair first. Then add grey or white using the spray applicator.

Highlights on Brown Hair:

If you have light brown highlights on dark brown hair, use the dark brown first then apply the blonde shade as a highlighter using the spray applicator.

The Toppik Hair Blog has a detailed article on shade mixing. You can check it out for more tips and tricks.

TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers – Does It Really Work?

toppik hair building fibers review

Toppik Hair Building Fibers has an instant result with just as simple application. The smooth fibers blend into your hair seamlessly revealing a healthier, fuller and more beautiful hair. There is no reason to doubt that Toppik fibers do not work as the internet is filled with numerous before and after shots.

Being on the bestseller list for so many years, Toppik has become one of the most reviewed hair fiber brands on the market. It has a solid 4.0/5 stars on amazon filled with positive feedback.

Everyone keeps mentioning how this hair fiber product changed their life when they thought their hair had no hope to look good. Some said how they used this on their wedding day to look the best for their bride. People do not put such extra effort to say something nice about a product unless it actually works.

Of course some customers had bad experiences with the product including bad color match and patchy application. Some mentioned it did not look natural on them. As each person has their unique set of hair, one product is definitely not going to fit everybody’s needs.

This is why it’s so important to try a product to determine if it works for you or not.

toppik hair building fibers

The Pros:

  • Instant fullness
  • Longwear and
  • Easy to remove with Shampoo
  • Variety of shades
  • Waterproof and sweatproof

The Cons:

  • Cheap after-shave scent
  • Not suitable for allergy-prone skin

Honest Ratings:

  • Convenience: 5/5
  • Design: 3/5
  • Instructions: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 4/5

Some Popular FAQs About TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers

01. Is Toppik Hair Fiber bad for hair?

No it’s not. Toppik Hair Building fibers are made from natural, colored keratin which is the same material as human hair. They are formulated to be gentle and delicate even on the finest human hair. Some think hair fibers can clog the hair follicles by creating a barrier between the natural oil and the hair strands. But Toppik actually does the opposite as it keeps the hair from getting greasy and oily.

02. Can it be used on bald head?

Short answer is, no. It can not be applied to someone who is fully bald or experiencing front balding. This is because of the way hair fibers are designed to be. Hair fibers need hair to cling on to.

If you have even the slightest layer of hair, you can apply it without any worries. But if you are someone who has little to no hair in the front, this is not going to work. The fibers are just going to fall off as they can not adhere to naked skin.

04. Does Toppik have any side effects?

Topic is made from 100% natural keratin and is totally safe to use. However some people face some side effects from using Toppik Hair Building Fibers on a daily basis. The most common side effects of Toppik are scalp irritation and itching. Some people have really sensitive scalp and applying any kinds of hair fibers can be irritating for their skin. Long term use can lead to redness. It is better to patch the test before applying it directly on the scalp.

05. Can I use it on my beard?

Yes you can because your beard and your hair is structured the same way. It is made of the same kind of keratin so Toppik easily clings to the beard as well. The best part is, your beard will look thicker, fuller and really natural. It is easier and less expensive than dying your beard to make it look more fuller. One thing to keep in mind is, make sure to color match as most of us do not have the same colored beard and hair. Oftentime they vary from one or two shades.

Final Verdict:

The Hair Building Fibers by Toppik is a wonderful option to temporarily hide the effect of hair fall and thinness. You can easily apply this on the go and forget about it. The convenience of having an option like this really boosts self confidence at least that’s what I personally noticed.

Nonetheless, it is important to actually figure out the reason behind your hair loss to treat it permanently. Most of the time hair fall can be reduced by simple lifestyle changes. If you do not take the right measures on time, you might end up with irreversible hair loss in the future.

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