T3 Cura Digital Ionic Professional Hair Dryer Review

Today we will take a look at a unique hair dryer that promises to solve almost all of our hair styling problems. Let’s see if it is really that impressive in this T3 Cura Hair Dryer review.

With so many types of hair dryers in the market with their shiny features and colorful ads, you can get kind of lost while searching for an ideal hair dryer for daily use. I have never been able to master a simple blowout at home despite investing on so many different styling products. It took me a lot of time to realise, without the right tools, I can never achieve that look no matter how much spray or gel I apply.

That’s why I love T3 Cura Hair Dryer as it transforms any frizzy mess into a salon looking luscious hair. The smart design of the hair dryer is what makes this tool so unique.

T3 Cura Hair Dryer comes with these following features:

  • Digitally-controlled heating for more precise heat management
  • Built-in ion generator
  • 3 heat settings
  • 2 speed settings
  • Pure stream filter cap
  • Long life motor with cord and cord wrap
  • Styling concentrator
  • Quiet operation with lightweight design
  • 2 year warranty

Why You Need – T3 Cura Hair Dryer- in Your Life

The instantly popular T3 Cura Hair Dryer is a best-seller on Amazon for its effectiveness on all hair types, with the most success experienced by people with wavy and curly hair. There are some special feature that needs extra attention:

Built-in-ion Generator – Smooth and Shiny hair:

T3 Cura Hair Dryer comes with a built-in negative ion generator that smoothens the hair cuticle out and cuts down the frizz. Negative ions also boost shine and make the hair feel smooth and silky. There is an option to turn the ion generator off if you are looking for a more textured effect.

Digitally Controlled Heat – Fastest Speed:

T3 Cura Hair Dryer has digitally controlled heat combined with a wide, gentle airstream to dry your hair from root to tip. Whether you have thick curly hair or fine, straight hair, because of the wide airflow, you can dry your hair in just under 6 minutes.

Frizz Reduction – Locks in Moisture:

When your hair is wet, the cuticles are open and unstable. Drying it stabilises the bonds within the hair and closes the hair cuticles properly. That’s what makes the hair look soft and shiny. But if you use a low quality hair dryer, it will deprive your hair of all the moisture by applying too much heat to the cuticles. T3 Cura Blow Dryer has an even heat distribution feature that stops it from overheating.

Compact and Travel Friendly:

Most of the hair dryers are bulky and heavy which makes them harder to travel with. As they are really big, they do not fit into the washroom cabinet thus we run around in the morning looking for the hair dryer.

The design of T3 Cura Hair Dryer has a lightweight body with an ergonomic handle. It is sleek and modern allowing you to use it for regular styling while taking it with you on a trip. As it is not heavy, hair drying won’t feel like a workout anymore.

Sound/Noise Sensitive:

The worst thing a hair dryer can do is fry up your hair and make you deaf at the same time with high heat and loud noise. T3 Cura Professional Blow Dryer is noise sensitive allowing you to style your hair without hearing a constant buzz beside your ear. Specially ideal if you have a roommate or a partner as you won’t be disrupting their morning sleep anymore.

Customised Settings – for Different Hair Types:

There are so many different types of hair that creating a universal product for all hair types is not only ineffective but also foolish. Curly/ kinky hair needs more heat than fine hair. If you use high heat on fine hair, it will fry up immediately.

This is why T3 Cura Blow Dryer has added multiple heat settings as well as speed settings to help you customise your hair drying routine according to your own hair.

How to Get The Most Out of Your – T3 Cura Hair Dryer

Wash and Towel Dry:

It is better to wash the hair with a mild sulfate-free shampoo to get rid of all the product residue, dirt and oil so that you can start with a blank canvas. Use a conditioner after shampoo and then towel dry so that it is not soaking wet.

Use a Heat-Protectant Product:

If you want your blow drying to be damage free and long lasting, apply some heat protectant gel. There are so many options with active sun protection as well.

Divide Hair into Sections:

If you want to dry your hair faster without making it too frizzy, divide your hair into two-three sections and section away using some fat sided alligator clip.

Smooth Dry:

Wrap a 1”-2”section of hair around a 2 inch round brush. Then slowly move the brush downward to dry the hair strands. Keep doing it until it’s 100% dry. Then move on to the next section.

Create Volume:

If you like extra volume on top of your head you can do it by wrapping a 2-3” section near the crown in your round brush. Apply heat to the hair from 4 inch away. Then apply some cold hair to lock the hair in place to send the style. Gently unwrap the hair from the brush and now you have volume exactly where you wanted.

Twist & Pin:

You can add two-three twists to a section and secure it with a flat pin. When the hair cools down, remove the pin and you will see immediate volume. You can use this technique to put volume on a specific part of your hair.

Use the “Cold Air” Button to Lock Your Style:

There is a cold air button as I have mentioned already. You should always end your styling with some blast of cold air. This makes the hair follicles to shrink and stay in place.

Reasons To Purchase: My Ratings

Features – 4/5 Stars:

T3 Cura Hair Dryer comes with a lot of great features. The lock-in-cool shot is a practical and helpful feature that makes styling very easy. The different speed and heat setting comes in handy while styling different types of hair

Design- 5/5 Stars:

The design of this hair dryer is beautiful. It is not bulky or heavy at the same time it does not feel very light as well.There is a nice balance that helps to hold the dryer effortlessly. I also like how compact it is. Very ideal for traveling and small apartments.

Hair Drying – 5/5 Stars:

Due to the digital Ion technology, T3 Cura dries down hair within 6-7 minutes. As it has more airflow than other hair dryers, it heats faster and more evenly.

Styling – 5/5 Stars:

As it comes in a compact size with frizz free technology, styling becomes fun and exciting with the T3 Cura Hair Dryer. Some people say they do not use a hair straightener afterwards as this hair dryer straightens the hair pretty well.

Reasons To Avoid:

The T3 Cura Blow Dryer is a great option for a lot of us because of its speed and styling abilities, however it is not suitable for:

  • Thin hair
  • Short or Pixie cut hair
  • Pin Straight Hair
  • If you have a compact budget.

Final Verdict:

There is a lot to like about the The T3 Cura Hair Dryer. While it was definitely designed for both at-home purposes and professional uses, it can give you salon style hair without any additional skill and effort. One thing to keep in mind is despite it having a diffuser, it may be a bit too harsh if you have hair that is very fine or thinning.

It also comes with a heavy price tag which can be a downside for some of us. If you think about the cost per use, you will realise this is a really good investment that will hold its worth for many years to come.

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