Nioxin System 3 Hair Care Kit Review: A Deep Dive Into The Most Popular Hair Falling Treatment

We all love freshly colored hair with a salon style blowout. Are you someone who is addicted to hair dying? Has your hair become brittle and damaged because of constant heat and color treatments? Have you recently noticed an increased hair fall? If you answered yes to all of those things, then I might have just the right hair care product for you.

Nioxin Hair & Scalp Care System 3 Kit is an award winning hair care product designed to reverse heat and color damage. In this Nioxin System 3 Kit review, you will discover all the reasons why this particular hair care product gets so much love and support and why you need to try it as soon as possible.  

A Quick Look at – Nioxin Hair Care System 3 Kit

Nioxin System 3 Hair Care Kit is designed to deeply clean your hair and scalp while moisturizing and nourishing it from within. This kit has three different steps to get your desired denser-looking hair with increased protection. This particular system was formulated to treat colored and heat damaged hair.

Cleansing Shampoo:

Nioxin System 3 Shampoo contains natural ingredients like:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Menthol
  • Mentha Arvensis leaf oil
  • Camellia Sinensis leaf extract
  • Fennel extract
  • Biotin aka vitamin H

All of these ingredients work together in harmony to create a formula that controls moisture balance according to your hair needs. It is a professional hair and scalp cleansing shampoo for color treated hair with light thinning.

Some of the prominent things Nioxin Hair Care 3 Shampoo claims to do is:

  • Moisturises and cleanses dry scalp for hair that has gone through many chemical treatments.
  • It prepares your hair and scalp for the Nioxin Hair Care System 3 treatment. It also repairs tightness and tension from dry and dehydrated hair.

Scalp Therapy Conditioner:

After the minty shampoo, this creamy conditioner feels soothing and calming as it acts like a gentle moisturizing layer on top of each hair follicle. If you face any redness or irritation while cleansing, this conditioner will calm that down.

Some of the prominent things Nioxin Hair Care 3 Conditioner does is:

  • Retains hair moisture balance and helps to improve hair resilience due to its BioAMP technology.
  • It amplifies the hair structure and moisturises after a deep cleansing experience. It also acts as a preparation for the next step which is the hair treatment.

Scalp Hair Treatment:

Formulated for sensitive skin, this scalp and hair treatment can be used by anyone on a daily basis. This is the third and final part of the Nioxin Hair Care routine.

Nioxin Scalp Hair treatment is basically an active sun protectant. It is designed to act as a shield and a nourishing agent to protect your hair from sunburn. You might be thinking, that’s it? How is sun protection going to increase my hair growth?

The Hair and Scalp Leave-in-Treatment system 3 is a professional thickening scalp and hair treatment for damaged hair. This lightweight mousse will help you boost your hair volume from within by protecting your hair from outside effects.This includes dirt, dust and most importantly, UV rays. Just like your face, your hair needs sun protection as well. We often forget about our hair and it ends up causing irreversible damage.

Some of the prominent things Nioxin Hair and Scalp Treatment claims to do is:

  • Refreshes the scalp to give it a healthy shine.
  • Helps to provide thicker hair by increasing the fullness of each strand. It also amplifies the hair texture while protecting against breakage.

Nioxin System Kit 3 Is Designed for:

Hair Type: Color Treated Hair

Thinning Stage: Normal to Light Thinning

Moisture Need: Balanced Moisture

Color Safety: Yes

UV Protection: No

Removes Environmental Residue: Yes

What Makes Nioxin Hair Care System 3 Kit So Unique?

Nioxin System 3 Hair Care Kit Review

Most hair care treatments are designed to suit everyone. But it is quite obvious that one product can not be ideal for all hair types and textures. Don’t even get me started on the different reasons behind hair fall as well as people from different ethnicities. Everyone needs different things. That is why Nioxin Hair and Scalp Treatment System is so great. In this Nioxin Hair Care System 3 review, we will take a look at all the reasons why it appeals to so many people from all over the globe.

Strengthens Hair- Balance Moistures:

Most of the shampoo in the market is too drying and damaging. That is because those shampoos strip away all the natural oils from your scalp. This results in an over production of oil causing greasy hair. The more shampoo you use, the greasier your hair becomes; it is a vicious cycle.

Nioxin Hair Care System 3 Kit cleanses your hair without depriving it off its natural luster. The conditioner adds nourishment immediately after cleansing. The leave-in conditioner balances the moisture by stopping extra oil from producing.

Amplifies Hair Protection – Color and Heat Damage:

Hair damage occurs due to aggressors like friction, heat and harsh chemicals. If you love to dye your hair every now and then, all of that chemicals have damaged the structure of your hair. This kind of damage is really hard to treat as the integrity of the hair strands has been compromised.

You can cut off the damaged part but the root stays. A scalp therapy like Nioxin can really transform and repair the follicles by providing deep nourishment and hydration.

A kit for everyone:

Nioxin Hair and Scalp Treatment provides six different system kits for people with different levels of hair loss. They also have a good range of hair masks, hair boosters and leave-in-treatments. Nioxin carries five other hair care systems designed for mild hair loss to extreme hair fall issues. There is something for everybody.

Anti-pollution – Removes Sebum and dirt:

A study funded by a South Korean cosmetics company found that exposure to common pollutants reduces the levels of proteins that are responsible for hair growth. This leads to dehydration and lack of moisture and eventually hair loss and balding.

Nioxin Hair Care 3 Kit promotes hair growth by eliminating all the free radicals and pollutants from your hair. It works by stimulating the scalp and increasing blood circulation. It also protects you from excess sebum production.

Does Nioxin Hair Care 3 Kit Actually Work?

Now, you might be thinking, every hair care treatments claim to do the same thing. Why should I believe in this particular one out of everything else?

Well the answer is simply in the positive feedbacks of different users. You can check any comment section or amazon review to discover how many people were benefited by Nioxin Hair Care 3 Kit. People love this hair treatment because it helped them to tackle their hair loss journey by promoting hair growth and density.

Some users said it took only three weeks for them to see an improvement. That is amazing considering the brand itself says to use for at least a few months for a visible change.

Nioxin Hair Care 3 Kit for Colored Hair is only suitable for normal to light thinning. If you suffer from heavy hair fall and balding, I would suggest trying Nioxin System Kit  4  for balanced moisture and Nioxin System Kit 6  for intense moisture.

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