How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner: Wing It for the Sharpest Look!

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. Nothing is more glamorous than a sharp winged eyeliner with red lipstick.

Not even a sexy smokey eye. Or the world’s most glittery and elaborate cut crease combined with ombre lips.

There’s a reason Cleopatra was so into them. You can’t help being drawn to eyes with a flawless cat’s eye look.

That being said, I will admit that liquid eyeliner was one the most intimidating pieces of makeup I ever came across. These eyeliners need practice, a steady hand, and loads of patience. One wrong move and you’ll look like a raccoon instead of Sophia Loren.

Learning how to execute liquid eyeliner perfectly is a makeup game-changer and today I’m going to divulge all the little-known secrets on how to apply liquid eyeliner. I’ll also discuss common mistakes people make with liquid liner and how to avoid them

If you’re new to makeup and want to learn how to do a perfect winged eye or just how to use liquid eyeliner, keep reading!

What You’ll Need

Here’s the stuff you will need for flawless liquid liner application.

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Here’s the 101 guide for applying liquid eyeliner with the least fuss involved.

  1. Start with clean and dry eyelids. If you have oily skin, dab on a little eyeshadow primer or concealer to create a matte base for your eyeliner.
  2. Apply a bit of masking tape under your lower lash line at the angle you want your wing to be. This will prevent smudges and act as a stencil for your wing.
  3. If you have shaky hands, find a surface to rest your elbows on.
  4. Tilt your head back slightly and look down into your mirror instead of straight at it.
  5. Using your other hand, gently pull the skin on eyelid taut. Don’t drag it or tug on it though!
  6. Paint dots or dashes along your waterline. Start from the inner corner and go all the way to the outer corner. Then, draw a small dot where you want the tip of your eyeliner wing to be.
  7. Draw the line by connecting the dots on your waterline. Start from the middle of your eyelid. Using small strokes, work your way to the outer corner. Then, go over the inner corner until you have a thin line from the inner corner to the outer corner.
  8. Join the line to the dot where you want the wing to be.
  9. From the tip of the wing, use a sweeping motion to draw another line down to the middle of your lash line.
  10. Fill up any empty spaces. Continue using small strokes to thicken the line or wing if needed.
  11. Use a cotton bud soaked in micellar water or makeup remover to get rid of any messy bits or smudges.
  12. Once your liquid eyeliner is dry, gently peel off the masking tape.

If you want you can blend in a bit of concealer under the wing to make it look sharper. And that’s basically it! You’ve done a winged eyeliner using liquid eyeliner! With a bit of practice, you can use liquid eyeliner quickly and effortlessly.

Since you might prefer slightly different techniques as you practice getting your eyeliner right, here are two tutorials that will help you out.

If you have hooded eyes, this tutorial will be helpful for you:

General Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Here are a few extra pointers to make things easier.

  • Use a kind of liquid liner that you’re comfortable with. The easiest ones to use are felt tip liners like this Maybelline Eyestudio one. However, some people are more comfortable with these kinds of liners as they draw thinner lines.
  • Take breaks in between strokes if your hands tire quickly or shake a lot. You can also take breaks to blink to avoid messing up your progress.
  • Set your eyeliner with a bit of translucent powder if you have really oily lids. This will also prevent your liner from leaving streaks on your brow bone. Just take a little powder on a fluffy blending brush, makeup sponge, or even your ring finger and lightly dab it on top of your liner.
  • A common mistake is using too much liner. While a chunky liner looks cool, it can make your eyes look narrower. Aim for a slender, sleek liner that gives you wide and alert-looking eyes.
  • Leaving empty spaces between your lash line and the liner can make your eye makeup look unfinished. For a super polished look, use an eyeliner pencil to tight-line your eyes.
  • Don’t let your liner wing droop too low. This will make your eyes droop as well. Instead, your wing should point slightly upwards, towards the end of your brows.
  • Always use a light hand. This will keep your strokes light and feathery. You can always make your liner a little thicker, but if you mess it up with a heavy hand, you will have to wipe it all off and start from scratch.
  • You can also draw an outline of the liner shape you want with a pencil eyeliner. Then, go over it with your liquid eyeliner.

Have Fun with Your Liquid Liner!

Once you get the hang of liquid liner, the possibilities for eye makeup looks are endless. Graphic liner styles look bold, edgy, and unique. You can also modify the classic winged liner and come up with different kinds of looks. For inspiration, check out some of these awesome winger liners!

Wrapping Up:

Liquid eyeliner is the easiest way to nail a glam look when you’re in a hurry. Knowing how to use liquid eyeliner also lets you create an endless number of eye makeup looks that look amazing no matter what.

There’s nothing more satisfying than looking at your perfect and even eyeliner in the mirror. It pulls your entire look together and makes a statement.

It is as timeless and classic as the LBD and you’re going to love how amazing it makes you look and feel. So, may your eyeliner be forever even and sharper than a sword!

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