How to Apply Eye Cream: What You Didn’t Know

Do you wake up with tired, bloodshot eyes? It can be discouraging to see dark circles and eye bags and infuriating to deal with the world repeatedly asking whether you’re tired or ill.

You know what’s worse? Spending a small fortune on a fancy eye cream only to realize it isn’t making much of a difference. Turns out there right and wrongs ways of applying eye cream. And I’m going to show you how to apply eye cream the right way so that you can get the most out of it.

Using eye cream the right way will slowly but surely fix the issues plaguing your eyes. Over time, your dark circles will fade and eye bags and crow’s feet will be less noticeable.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Let’s find out how we can get there!

How to Apply Eye Cream: What You Should Do

Here’s what you need to do to make sure your eye cream does what it is supposed to do

Use a Cream with the Right Ingredients:

Always start with the right kind of product. Your eye cream should be rich, but not overly heavy or greasy. Moreover, it has to be easy to spread on your skin and easily absorbed by the skin.

Also, check out the ingredients in your eye cream. It should have things like peptides that will increase the amount of collagen in your skin, making it supple and elastic. Hyaluronic acid will deeply hydrate the skin and lock in moisture so your skin will look plump and healthy.

Lastly, it should contain things like Vitamin C, niacinamide, or retinol to reduce dark circles, discoloration, and to promote skin turnover. If you’re in the market for a good eye cream, check out this one. But if you want something a little cheaper, Cetaphil has a great eye cream too!

Use a Little Bit:

Most of us have made the mistake of thinking that more is better when it comes to skincare. The trouble with using too much is that your cream won’t be able to sink into your skin properly. Also, the product tends to pool up on the surface of your skin. It can also travel up to your water lines and irritate your eyes.

Use a small amount of eye cream (pea-sized or smaller) for each eye so that it gets absorbed by the skin properly and does its job.

Use Clean Fingers:

It can be tempting to just stick your fingers into the tub so you can quickly apply your eye cream and get on with your day or night. But using dirty or greasy fingers means you are introducing oils and bacteria into your tub of cream. Your cream will be contaminated and give you acne when you apply it.

Instead, use very clean fingers to scoop out the cream. Some people also use a knuckle to get the cream out, because your knuckles tend to be cleaner than fingertips. Another great option is to use special skincare spatulas as this is the most hygienic route.

Use a Light Hand:

Be very gentle when applying eye cream, as the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. Use your ring finger to dot the cream under your eyes and along your brow bone. You can dab a bit onto your cheekbones as well.

Then, gently pat it into your skin. You can also massage it into your skin using light, upward sweeping motions. Always remember to be gentle; treat your skin like an antique designer gown!

Make Sure You Cover the Whole Eye Area:

One of the mistakes people make with eye creams is that they only apply under the eyes. But think about it–creases and crow’s feet appear way under the immediate eye area too and can show in the corners of eyes and brow bone too.

Use your sunglasses as a guide to figure out where you need to apply eye cream. Any portion of skin around your eyes that are covered by sunglasses needs your eye cream.

Give It Some Time:

Let the eye cream sink into your skin and get fully absorbed before moving on to the next steps. For example, if you’re applying it during the day, give your eye cream a minute or two before applying concealer.

Or if you’re using it in your evening routine, let it be fully absorbed before going to bed. This will make sure the cream won’t end up on your pillow or blanket–especially if you sleep on your stomach!

Keep It Cool:

A great little tip is to store your eye cream in the fridge. This will keep it nice and cold, which reduces under-eye puffiness in the mornings. It will also feel super soothing when you massage the cool cream into your skin.

Be Consistent:

You need to be consistent in your use of eye cream and use it every single day. If you skip out on it a few times a week, you won’t see results. However, using it regularly will make sure you see a decrease in dark circles and eye bags in just a few weeks. In the long run, this will prevent and diminish wrinkles and crow’s feet.

How to Apply Eye Cream: What You Should NOT Do

These are things you should avoid doing when applying eye cream.

Don’t Rub or Tug at Your Skin:

Don’t be tempted to slap on the cream roughly, no matter how tired you are. Rushing through the application and rubbing your eyes will just accelerate the appearance of crow’s feet.

 Don’t Go Too Close to the Eyes:

Leave a little space right around your eyes and make sure your eye cream won’t reach your waterline. Your eye cream will move around a bit as it is warmed by your skin and if it gets near or into your eyes it will cause stinging and irritation. You don’t want to be walking around with bright red, burning eyes!

Don’t Use Too Much:

Like I mentioned earlier, don’t use more than a pea-sized amount of eye cream for each eye. Using too much will prevent it from getting absorbed by the skin properly and will sit on top of the skin instead. It also increases the chances of the cream getting into your eyes.

 Don’t Apply on Dry or Dirty Skin:

As a rule of thumb, always apply your skincare or makeup products to clean skin. On top of that make sure to apply skincare products in the right order. This means you need to apply your eye cream after toning your skin and applying things like essences and serums.

Skincare products usually go on the skin from the thinnest in texture to the thickest. This will make sure your cream gets absorbed quickly and easily.


It can be pretty frustrating to spend money and time on a product that isn’t giving you any visible results. Following these dos and don’ts on how to apply eye cream will help you see visible improvement in your dark circles, puffiness, and eye bags in the least possible time.

With these easy tips and a little bit of patience, you can watch yourself go from tired-looking to bright-eyed and fresh-faced in weeks. And your well-rested, wide-awake eyes will let you see the world in a whole new light!

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