How Long Do Micro Braids Last?

To some of us, micro braids are an everyday integral part of hair routine while for others it’s an occasional fun style to have. Whatever your thing is, there is no denying how convenient and fashionable micro braids look regardless of time and age. 

While it’s a very common and widely done hair look, not all of us know everything about it. In this article, you will learn all those questions regarding micro braiding. Let’s start with what micro braiding really is! 

What are Micro Braids? 

how long do micro braids last

Micro braids are essentially small braids that look like a thick strand of hair from far away. Unlike thicker braids, they are easy to style and manage. So you can do a lot of different looks with micro braided hair. 

Most people who prefer micro braiding are people with 3C to 4C type of hair. However, you can do this style on wavy and frizzy hair as well. I would not recommend micro braiding if you have fine, straight hair. It might be too much for your scalp to handle. 

Even though it takes hours to install micro braids, maintenance is very minimal. You have to do almost nothing to take care of them. It’s a great style for people who live a busy lifestyle but need to always look sharp.

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How to Do Micro Braids: My Step by Step Guide

micro braids hairstyles

Micro braids are not hard to do. It just takes a lot of time and patience. I recommend going to a professional for it. But not all of us have the money or scope for that. 

And that’s totally fine! You can do it at home using my simple step-by-step guide. So let’s keep reading to know how to do single braids!

To do this style you need only a few products. Just a couple of packs of braiding hair and you are ready to transfer your head! 

Here is what you need to have:

If you want to have a visual reference on how to do a small braid, I recommend watching this video before starting the process: How to Micro Braids for Beginners (Step by Step)

How to Take Care of Micro Braids 

how to maintain micro braids

Taking care of micro braids is actually relatively easy. As it is an effortless hairstyle, you don’t need to spend time on styling. 

Rather most of your effort will go into maintaining the braids and keeping your scalp healthy. If you are wondering how to maintain micro braids, keep on reading!

For that, you need to have a regular hair care routine. So shampoo once a week with a gentle cleanser and then apply a hydrating conditioner to keep your braids shiny and moisturized. 

Make sure to properly dry your hair. Braids can take longer than usual to dry. So using a blow dryer will make the task easier. If you don’t dry the braids properly, fungus and other bacteria can grow and cause dandruff. 

I recommend using a light oil in between wash days to keep the locks mess-free. Apply some light oils to the scalp to restore moisture and to keep the scalp healthy.  How to style my micro braids? Do whatever! It always looks good!

How Long Do Micro Braids Last?

medium sized micro braids

This is a very common question among many of us. Generally speaking, you can have your micro braids for almost two months. I don’t recommend leaving them for long as they can be damaging to your scalp. 

Depending on how thick the braids are, you might need to remove them way before eight weeks. The length of the time you will be able to keep your micro braids depends on how fast your hair grows, your natural hair texture, and how well you can maintain it. 

If you plan to keep your braids for more than eight weeks, I recommend talking to your stylist to discuss whether it is ideal for your hair type or not. Not all hair types can handle micro braiding. So make sure to get a consultation with professional hairstylists. 

How Much Do Micro Braids Cost

Even though the cost of getting micro braids vary a lot depending on the salon or your location, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $500. Micro braids prices can change based on your hair density and the type of micro bangs you want to get. 

What Type of Hair to Use for Micro Braids?

Well, you can do micro braids on both straight and wavy hair. Usually, people with curly or coily hair use micro braiding as a form of protective styling. For micro braids straight hair, synthetic extension is ideal. 

You can use human hair extensions as well. But if you have curly hair I think using wet and wavy micro braids will give you the most natural and effortless look. It also goes well with the texture of natural hair.

How Many Packs of Hair for Micro Braids

This depends on the density of your hair and how long you want your braids to be. But as a standard, you will need at least 2 bags of 18-inch hair. 

The longer your hair is, the longer the length of extensions you will need to buy. I recommend being safe and buying twice the amount you think you will need. 


01. Is Braiding Good for Your Hair?

There is a misconception that braiding is bad for hair and overall hair growth. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Braiding is an ancient practice that has been used to save hair from breakage and damage for centuries. 

If you have a particularly unruly texture of hair, braiding can help to keep it manageable. Just make sure you don’t braid too tight around your scalp. A well-tied braid can actually boost hair health. 

02. Do Micro Braids Damage Your Hair? 

If it’s done properly, micro braids are great for your hair. But just like any other hairstyle, it can cause damage if you get it done by someone inexperienced. 

The size of the braid can cause damage too. If the braids are installed too tight around the scalp or are too heavy for your hair, it can end up in hair fall. 

The best way to avoid this is by getting professionals to install them. So I do not recommend doing them at home or DIY-ing it!

03. Does Braiding Help Hair Growth?

Braiding in itself does not cause hair growth. But it keeps your hair safe from damage and free of tangles. As your hair health improves, it grows faster. So braiding indirectly impacts how well and fast your hair is growing.

04. Do Braids Break Your Hair?

Braids do not break your hair if you know how to do it properly. If you braid too tight, it will definitely break as you are causing damage to your hair follicles. 

If you braid too tightly around the scalp, it can pull out the hair from the roots or cause splitting and follicle damage. So you should always keep the braid loose at the roots. 

05. Can You Use Human Hair for Box Braids?

You can definitely use human hair micro braids. It looks more natural and blends seamlessly. The best thing is, styling natural hair is much easier than other artificial hair. But human hair micro box braids are very expensive and not a necessity in any way. 


Now that you know everything about micro-braiding, hopefully, you will be able to make the decision. 

Whether you choose to go to a professional or do it at home, it’s important to add different oil and nourishing hair care items to your routine after micro braiding. This way you will be able to enjoy this effortless style without having to worry about any damage!

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