HairMax LaserBand 41 Review: The Ultimate Hair Loss Product or Not?

Hair loss can creep up on you out of the blue.

A change in medication, stress, a lack of sleep can all make your hair start to thin out. The same applies to diets and hormonal issues. Pregnancy and childbirth can also cause massive amounts of hair fall.

If you’ve been struggling with hair loss, you know how tough things can get. It can dent your self-esteem badly, and make you feel like a stranger when you look at yourself.

However, hair loss isn’t permanent or irreversible. All you need to do is stimulate your hair follicles to regenerate growth. And the HairMax LaserBand 41 does exactly that!

In this HairMax LaserBand 41 review, I’m going to go into all the finer details about this device. We’re going to see how the laser band works, what it does, and all the things I liked about it.

If you’ve been looking for a hair loss device, keep reading because you’ve come to the right place!

HairMax Laser Band: What Does It Do?

Hairmax Laserband 41 Review

You might have already guessed that the LaserBand 41 treats hair loss. But that isn’t all. Here’ everything the device can do for your hair:

Reverses Hair Thinning:

All HairMax LaserBand reviews will tell you that the device can reverse the effects of hair loss. It does so by stopping or slowing down hair fall, giving the follicles the time to regenerate hair.

By encouraging hair growth and growing the hair roots, it can make bald spots and receding hairlines look less noticeable. Over time, this will make your hair look thicker and fuller.

Increases Hair Density:

In many cases of hair loss, the new hair that grows back is thin, limp, and brittle. The HairMax device encourages the growth of healthy hair. In other words, the hair that grows back will be thicker and denser. As a result, it will increase your hair’s fullness.

Energize the Hair Follicles:

Hair loss happens because the follicles become lethargic and less active. Because of this, they cannot regenerate hair. The lasers produced by the device work to rejuvenate the hair follicles. The newly energized follicles can then stimulate growth. Stimulated follicles also result in stronger and healthier hair.

Restore the Hair Growth Cycle:

The hair loss cycle has three stages. The anagen phase is the one where active growth occurs and the phase lasts 2-8 years. After the anagen phase the hair sheds off and the cycle begins again.

When this cycle is disrupted due to stress or hormonal issues, the hair that is shed doesn’t grow again properly. The LaserBand can restore the cycle so that it can function properly again and let your hair grow again the way it was supposed to.

Revitalize Existing Hair:

If you are experiencing hair loss, you may have noticed the health of your existing hair slowly declining. This device is great for damaged hair as it strengthens the hair shaft. It also adds a vibrant shine to the hair. After frequent use, your hair will look healthy and glossy.

LaserBand 41 Review: What Makes It So Great?

hairmax laserband 41

The HairMax 41 device looks a lot like a thick headband. It uses 41 medical-grade lasers altogether. Unlike many other hair loss devices, it doesn’t use any LEDs. You can use it to treat 6 different areas of the head, so it has 246 total laser coverage when moved across the scalp.

Also, the band has teeth parting to deliver the treatment more efficiently to the hair follicles. It comes with a charging stand, battery, and power cord.

In my opinion, these are the features that make the LaserBand 41 worth trying out:

Easy to Use:

If you try any HairMax review, you notice that they all agree that the device is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is put it on the areas of your head affected with baldness or thinning, turn it on, and let it work its magic. It’s as simple as that!

Compact Size:

As I mentioned earlier, the Laserband is pretty light and easy to handle. But that’s not all. The device is also small and compact, so it is easy to store in your bathroom cabinet.

Quick Treatment Time:

Tired of seeing hair loss devices that need 30-minute sessions to be effective? Well, you’re in luck because this HairMax device takes only 3 minutes per session! You can easily fit in a treatment session in between your everyday schedule. The session can also help give you three minutes of relaxation during your otherwise busy day.


The sheer convenience of the LaserBand is one of the things I loved most about the device. Since it is small and light, it is easy to use at home and while traveling. Also, since it is sturdy and small, you can easily pack it in a bag when you go out of town.

The device is also cordless, so you won’t have to hover near a power outlet during your session. Instead, you can walk around or relax while using the band.

Comfort-Flex Band Design:

The laser band HairMax isn’t rigid or tight. It is flexible and you can bend it to fit the different areas of your head. The flexible design ensures maximum comfort for the device users.

Painless and Non-Invasive:

In case you were worried about the device stinging or hurting your scalp; don’t worry! The HairMax doesn’t hurt at all. The treatment is entirely painless and won’t hurt you at all. You might notice that your scalp feels a little sensitive after using it the first few times, but this should subside soon.

Improved Hair Health:

Besides working to prevent hair fall and treat hair loss, the device also improves your overall hair and scalp health. Users have noticed that their hair felt softer, smoother, and stronger after 6-8 weeks of using the HairMax device. Your hair will also have stronger roots, a sturdier shaft, and will be less prone to breakage and split ends.


Because of the visible results delivered by the LaserBand 41, you gauge just how effective it is. If you have bald spots, you will realize that they will grow smaller and smaller, becoming less visible. Instead your scalp will be covered in small, new hairs. Your hair will feel thick, full, and healthy.

Furthermore, 90% of the participants in the clinical studies reported that they had significant hair growth. To be fully effective, you need to use the device for 4-5 months straight. However, you should be able to notice some changes after 2 months of using the HairMax device.

Patented Hair-Teeth Parting:

The band has a unique hair parting mechanism. These teeth part your hair to create a pathway that allows the perfect amount of laser light to reach the scalp and hair follicles. This, in turn, makes the device more effective and beneficial when treating hair loss. Also, this feature is exclusive to HairMax products.

Visible Results:

This device is worth the money because it gives you significant results. But there’s more!

The HairMax LaserBand 41 has been cleared by the FDA so it is safe to use and gives you guaranteed results. It also has 14 international licenses so the device is reliable and effective. Most importantly, the laser band was a part of 7 clinical studies and 6 published medical journals.

This proves that there is scientific evidence that the device will give you tangible results. Moreover, the real-time Hair Max results are experienced by users who have noticed thicker hair, decreased hair fall, smaller bald spots, and overall improved scalp and hair health.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 9 x 3 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 6.1 ounces
  • Manufacturer: HairMax

The Pros:

  • Fast treatment times. The time it takes to treat each area of the scalp is only 3 minutes. This means you can treat your entire head in just 10 minutes.
  • Easy to use. The device is no-frills and rather simple to use.
  • Compact and cordless. Since the device isn’t bulky you can relax or move around during your session. It gives you a degree of freedom and isn’t restraining at all.
  • Portable. The device is travel-friendly and you can easily take it along with you on trips. It is sturdy and won’t be damaged during transport.
  • Real and visible results. Users have experienced a decrease in hair fall and reduced hair thinning. Also, many people use the laser band for hair growth and have seen impressive results.
  • Very convenient–the device is user friendly with a simple design and can be used anywhere without any kind of trouble.
  • Non-invasive. The device is completely pain-free and doesn’t hurt in the slightest.
  • Scientifically proven claims. The research and studies have shown that the laser band is highly effective and does what it says.
  • No LEDs. Instead, the medical-grade lasers work much better and more quickly to treat hair thinning.
  • Comfortable to use. The comfortable flex design bends to fit your scalp perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Not too expensive. The device is rather cheap for what it does and is a very reasonable price for investing in your hair.

The Cons:

  • Less coverage than hair loss helmets. On the other hand, this lets you focus on specific areas of the scalp, and makes the laser band more compact and comfortable to use.
  • The rechargeable battery can deteriorate over time, losing charge more quickly.
  • Slow results. It will take at least 3 months to notice proper results; however, this applies to all kinds of hair and skin care devices.

Why Do I Recommend the HairMax LaserBand 41?

This product is totally worth a try if you are experiencing hair loss. I was particularly impressed by how easy it was to use and the cordless feature makes it extremely convenient.

The medically approved lasers are an upgrade from conventional LED devices and allow for shorter treatment time. The LaserBand 41 is an amazing device because it slows down hair fall, thereby reversing the effects of hair loss. You will shed much fewer hairs and instead grow thicker, denser, and healthier hair.

This device is basically a fancy spa or aesthetician’s treatment you can regularly do right at home. It combines comfort and convenience with super-effectiveness and for that, I must recommend the HairMax 41 LaserBand.

Who the LaserBand 41 Is Meant for

If you want to give this device a shot, you may be wondering if it will suit you. The good news is that it suits anyone with alopecia. However, there are a few things you need to bear in mind before buying it.

The LaserBand is meant for these groups of people.

  • People with Androgenetic Alopecia. This includes people with hereditary hair loss, as well as male and female pattern hair loss. It can also treat menopause-related hair loss, and age or stress-related hair loss and thinning.
  • Anyone who wants to use the laser headband for hair growth. If your hair is weak, grows very slowly, and is brittle, you can use the device to strengthen your locks.

It is important to note that the device can not treat a scalp that is completely bald or bald spots that are years old. This is because laser therapy can only stimulate currently active follicles.

How does the HairMax LaserBand 41 Work?

Are you curious about how laser technology in the device works? I’ll let you in on the science.

If you’ve seen any home medical hair growth laser device reviews, you already know that the basic process is something like this: The laser light emitted from the device stimulates the hair follicles to grow new hair.

To make things a little more technical, we can say that the device uses a process known as Photo Bio-Stimulation to direct certain wavelengths of light to the follicles. The hair follicles are thus stimulated at a cellular level which promotes hair growth and restores your hair’s natural growth cycle.

It is this stimulation that reverses hair thinning, making bald spots less visible. It also encourages the growth of new hairs, which gives your head the appearance of thicker and fuller hair.

How to Get the Most Out of Your LaserBand

Since the device takes a few months to deliver visible results, you might feel discouraged at first. It is important to be patient and consistently use the device. For the best results, you should use the laser band thrice a week.

Moreover, the device is said to work better when used with other hair loss products. This means you can use it together with Biotin and Vitamin E supplements. Fish oil capsules are a good source of omega-3-fatty acids, which is needed for healthy skin and hair.

On the other hand, you can also use the device with different hair loss shampoos and other hair care products. Using a buildup-buster shampoo can make sure there is no product residue on your scalp, clogging up your hair follicles.

Regular massage can also stimulate your hair follicles and encourage growth. If you’re looking for good massage oil, this organic hair oil is a great choice. Moroccan argan oil is also a good leave-in and makes your hair silky and smooth.

The Verdict:

When all is said and done, the HairMax LaserBand 41 is worth trying out. It reverses the effects of hair fall and treats thinning hair and bald spots effectively. After months of use, you will definitely notice a major change in your hair. The laser band helps your scalp grow new, stronger hair, making your locks look thick and healthy.

If you had any questions about this device, I hope this HairMax LaserBand 41 review answered them all. It is a unique device, combining the ultimate convenience with guaranteed results. It is comfortable to use, easy to store and transport, and most importantly, it really does work!

So what do you think? Is the LaserBand 41 device worth getting to treat hair loss?

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