ghd Classic Flat Iron Styler Review: A Long Time Cult-Favourite!

Who doesn’t love beautifully styled hair with loose waves in the summer?

But getting such effortless waves is not so effortless indeed. In order to style your hair in a salon-style way, you need the right tools. The ghd Classic Styler is an all time fan-favourite flat iron used by so many of our favourite celebrities and hairstylists.

This Glamour beauty award winning hair straightening and styling tool has created a permanent spot in our timeless classics collection.

In this review we will see what makes ghd Classic Flat Iron Styler a necessity in everyone’s vanity.

Key Features of ghd Classic Flat Iron Styler

A product does not become an overnight sensation and a cult-classic without having some unique functionality to it. Inthe case of ghd Classic Flat Iron Styler, it is the quality of the craftsmanship and the attention to details. In this part of the review let’s check out some of the key features of the ghd Classic Flat Iron.

Ceramic Heat Technology:

While most of us are used to using titanium heat technology, it damages our hair more than any hot tools ever have. Titanium easily gets super hot and can damage your hair without your even realising it.

The ghd Classic uses ceramic heat technology that distributes the heat evenly throughout the hair. Ceramic flat irons are popular due to their gentle effect on hair.

They do not create friction or static as ghd classic has floating plates that glides smoothly. As the ceramic barrel does not overheat, ghd is a great option if your hair is sensitive or brittle.

Versatile Design:

If you want a salon style hair look, you need a tool that is used by the professionals like ghd Classic Styler. It has an incredibly loyal customer base who swears by this timeless piece of equipment.

It comes in a rounded barrel that helps to create different styles. You can create pin straight hair for your business professional look, or loose wavy locks for your romantic night out. It is extremely versatile and ideal for many different hair types,

Floating Plates:

Along with the ceramic heat technology, ghd classic flat iron comes in floating plates. These floating plates are attached to the flat iron to make sure the heat can spread quickly and evenly to the whole surface.

The floating plate has another function, its smooth outer layer allows it to glide through hair without causing any static or friction. Oftentime hair straighteners do the opposite of what we want.

Friction causes frizziness which makes the hair look untangled and damaged. Ghd styler eliminates this issue with their floating panels.

Advanced Heat Settings:

As I have mentioned earlier, the ceramic heat technology in ghd classic allows it to not overheat. It also has this optimum styling temperature of 365 degreeF. The universal voltage makes it ideal for wherever you are in the world.

If you are thinking about how fast and quick this hair straightener by ghd is, it only takes 30 seconds to heat up. You do not have to go through each section more than once.

Auto-Shut Off Safety Option:

We’ve all had a small heart attraction once or twice about forgetting to turn off the straightener at home. By the time we remember, we are either at work or far away from home. This simple mistake can easily turn into a hire hazard. Luckily, ghd has thought about this as well.

The ghd Classic Hair Straightening Styler comes with its auto-shut off safety feature. If you haven’t used it for more than 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off. We overlook these kinds of features while buying.

Only when the accident happens does it makes us regret our decision. So keep in mind how necessary these kinds of small details are. The ghd really has an attention to details.

Why You Should Buy ghd Classic Flat Iron

The ghd Classic Flat Iron Styler is a hair styling must-have for most professionals. There are a few reasons that make it such a favourite even after all these years. Some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing ghd Classic Flat Iron is described in this part of the review:

Gives Smoother Hair:

Have you used different hair oils or shine spray after straightening because the flat iron makes your hair dry and crunchy? This happens when you are using a poor quality straightener.

With ghd Classic you will get softer, bouncy hair. The ghd Classic Styler polishes the upper layer of your hair which adds an extra shine to it.


The ghd Classic is made out of ceramic plates that distributes the heat evenly. When your hair straightener does not evenly spread the heat, heat spots occur. This is very common with titanium plated flat irons.

Heat spots can deeply damage your hair and even burn it. The ghd Classic however, is non-damaging and has different settings for you to choose from. You can pick one that is ideal for your particular hair type.

Pin Straight Look:

Most flat irons claim to give you that ideal perfectly straightened hair. But just a handful of them succeed to do so without damaging it.

The ghd Classic flat Iron Styler has a very high functioning technology that goes upto 365 degree fahrenheit to make your hair styling experience hassle-free and quick.

Going through each section just once is enough to make your hair look sleek and polished. It is a really easy tool to use in the morning.


Now this is a really big issue with most of the hair styling tools. Most of the tools are designed for regular to wavy hair and completely excludes curly or kinky hair types.

But the ghd Classic Hair Straightener is designed to be effective on all the different hair styles and textures. Whether you have extreme curls or loose waves, you can use ghd without any hassle. It is an all-rounder in hairstyling.


The sleek design of ghd Classic Flat Iron makes it ideal for travelling. It’s thin barrels and elegant handle keeps it compact inside your suitcase.

You do not need a travel version of your hair straightener nor do you need to borrow those ineffective, cheap hotel hair straighteners. You can carry The ghd Classic virtually anywhere you go.

My Personal Ratings

Ease of Use 5/5:

Ghd Classic Flat Iron Styler is one of the easiest hair styling tools due to its simple design. It comes in a rounded barrel and an automatic sleep mode. The barrel makes it ideal for different hairstyles while the sleep mode protects from unwanted fire hazards.

The universal voltage helps to protect our hair from high heat damages. They created this product to be a timeless classic and the functions are also built with that in mind.

Performance 5/5:

You have probably noticed how your hair seems to become flat after a few hours of styling. This is because the stryker that you are using is not powerful enough to evenly distribute the heat all over your hair. This causes a temporary hair look that will not survive more than half a day.

The ghd Classic is well recognised and beloved by everyone for its simple yet effective performance. It helps to give you beautiful, glossy hair with different waves and straight looks. The quality is not compromised on this one.

Power 5/5:

All the hairstyles tools we use nowadays carry an extremely high temperature. We always pick the one with the highest temperature setting thinking the higher the heat is the better the hair looks. Well this could not be further from the truth.

The reality is, you need a sweet bance of both heat and cool in order to get a lasting hair look. The ghd Classic Flat Iron has 365 degreeF which according to them is the optimum styling temperature. Anything above that will damage your hair.

Affordability 4/5:

This is definitely not the most affordable option out there. However, the ghd Classic Flat Iron Styler is an iconic hair styling tool with a history of durability and quality. It has so many good features that it is hard to find in a product of its range.

Usually hair straighteners with such high functions fall under the high-end product list. So I think this is a good investment in the long run.

Styling 5/5:

Now comes the most important part, hair styling. None of use uses a flat iron only for creating straight hair. We try to use different waves and loose curls with it. The problem is, most flat irons have a sharp edge that becomes visible when you try to curl your hair.

The ghd Classic Flat Iron has a rounded barrel to avoid this styling issue. It also comes in floating plates which helps to glide through your hair easily

+Does ghd Classic Flat Iron Stylers Work on Curly Hair?

Most hair styler and hair straightening tools are in a default way designed to be suitable for straight to light wavy hairs. It is not necessary to mention how this excuses the majority of the people on the planet. If you have wavy to curly hair like mine, you know how struggling it is to find one hair device that kind-of-works.

Wavy and curly hair does not want to straighten no matter how much you try. A fellow curly head would know how they say to deep condition your hair or put on an all night hair mask the day before you want to straighten it out.

No matter what you try it is not going to work if your hair straightening tool does not have the power and strength to do it. So you need a device that knows how to deal with textured hair.

Curly hair is naturally drier than other hair types. When the hair is in a curl pattern, the natural oil from the scalp can not reach the roots properly. So if you use an overheating hair straightener, it is just going to strip out all the leftover moisture.

The Classic ghd Flat Iron is designed to be at an optimum temperature of 185 degree. This is because anything higher than that will burn your hair and vanish the moisture. Anything less than that is not enough for styling.

So you can understand why this is such a popular hair styler among the curly beauties out there.

The Pros:

  • Original Ceramic heat technology.
  • Quick and easy for fast styling.
  • Protects your hair from heat damage.
  • Multifunctional and versatile.
  • Retains moisture in the hair.
  • Silky, shiny hair after each use.
  • 2 years manufacturers guarantee.

The Cons:

  • No safety lock for the plates.
  • Can be a bit expensive for a lot of us. But if you look at the overall quality, it is a great investment.

The Final Verdict:

We spend so much money on buying cheap products just because they are on sale. Those cheap hair straightening tools have limited abilities which forces you to buy other additional tools.

If we look inside our closet we all can find at least three-four different hair stylers either broken or damaged. Instead of spending so much on rather useless tools, buy one ghd Classic Flat Iron Styler and enjoy the experience of having beautifully styled hair everyday.

If you are planning to buy it online, make sure it’s from an authentic source. As this is a really well known hair styling device, there are replicas and duplicates everywhere. So make sure to do your research before adding it to the cart.

If you are interested in other ghd hair straighteners, there are so many different versions. You can pick one that suits your needs. They have something for everybody.

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