CHI Spin N Curl Review and Buying Guide in 2020

In this article, we take a deep dive into CHI Spin N Curl to figure out if it’s really as good as people say it is.

If you are anything like me, you wake up an hour late in the morning after missing your alarm ten times in a row. You rush to the washroom and brush your teeth and change into your work clothes.

You put on your light makeup and lipstick only to realize you are already 10 minutes behind your schedule! You look at the curling iron on the countertop and then on your hair and decide it’s not worth it to spend an hour curling it!

So you get out of your apartment with your frizzy excuse of a hair to start your day.

Sounds familiar? What if I tell you there is a product that can help you achieve the same hair curls but under 10 minutes? Well then keep on reading to learn more about it.

CHI Spin N Curl Review: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are curious to know why CHI Spin N Curl is the best hair curler out there, you need to focus on some things before making a decision. I have categorized it based on everything from specifications to performance and tips to make the most of your precious time.

How It Works:

The Chi Spin N Curl comes with a curl chamber where the hair gently gets wrapped and rotates for a few seconds until a curl forms. I absolutely loved this feature because that means I do not have to spend hours twisting my hair on a hot iron that will give me mediocre curls.

Unlike typical hair curlers, this one is not made with stainless steel or heavy metal. The barrel is made with ceramic. Ceramic is ideal for even heat distribution thus you do not end up with mismatched curls.

The Chi Spin N Curl beeps once when it gets to your desired heat and it beeps three times in a row after your curl is ready. I liked this feature a lot because it helps to not overheat the hair and therefore heat damage is very rare with this product.

Ceramic Barrel- Reduces Frizz & Static:

One thing that I experience is frizzy and tangled hair after curling. If you curl your hair on a regular basis, you might have noticed the amount of freeze it gets afterward. This is because the heat from the iron dehydrates hair and the hair gets robbed of its much-needed moisture.

Chi Spin N Curl comes with ceramic heat technology that produces infrared heat that has conditioning benefits of negative ions resulting in shinier, healthier and more beautiful hair.

Fast Performance – Curl within Seconds!

This product was specifically designed to make beautiful curls without any additional effort or time. I absolutely loved how this product takes only 10 minutes to curl up all my hair. It is particularly great on a busy morning when you do not have much time to look extra polished.

Safety Features- Say Bye to Heat Damage:

As I have mentioned before, this product is ideal if you are trying to avoid heat damage without compromising your curls. It has a digital temperature display that can adjust the temperature according to your preference.

They have built-in heat settings like low 370 degrees F for fine hair, 390 degrees F for medium hair and 410 degrees F for coarse hair. You can also customize the heat based on the type of hair you have. This way you can avoid unnecessary heat damage.

Functional and Practical – No More Sore Arms:

I love curly hair, but it’s such a pain to do. Quite literally to be honest. Curling your hair is like an exercise on its own. It takes so long and gets so hot that by the time you are on your last curl, you are 40 minutes late and sweating profusely. This was basically my morning routine for the longest time.

What I really appreciate is how it takes only 10/15 minutes to do the whole hair with this product. It has a beeping system where the machine notifies when a curl is done. This saves a lot of time and possible damage from occurring.

Futuristic Design – Sleek and Modern:

As much as we appreciate a well functioning product, if it looks bad, you know we are not going to purchase it.  That’s good because CHI Spin N Curl has a design I can only describe as futuristic.

This looks nothing like a traditional curling iron and it does not have a metal outer frame. It does not even look like a curling rod in the first place. You might get intimidated to try it at first but I can assure you, you will only regret not buying it sooner.

How I Curl My Hair with CHI Spin N Curl

Okay, now it’s time to know how I curl my hair with CHI Spin N Curl to get effortless-looking hair every time. There are a lot of ways you can use this product. To get luscious curls you can follow these steps:

  • What I found to be the best method is first to separate your hair in two different sections right in the middle. Keep one side onto a ponytail or a bun and start working with the other half.
  • Brush your hair thoroughly and take a small section of hair.
  • Hold the iron a few inches away from the root. I have found this to be the easiest way to get effortless curls.
  • Then put the section of hair in front of the curling chamber and press the button. The hair will get sucked into the barrel and it will start to rotate.
  • There are two buttons for directions of the curl. Press any of them depending on how you want your curls to fall.
  • Your hair will start to rotate according to the button you press and then keep holding the device until you hear three beeps. The beeps mean your curl is ready.
  • When you hear the beeps, release your hair and slowly let it slide out of the curling chamber. Follow these steps until you are done with the whole head.
  • Shake the curls a little but or use a wide-tooth comb to brush it out for a beach wave. It looks really beautiful and classy.

Reasons to Purchase:

You might be wondering why you should choose CHI Spin N Curl instead of a regular curling iron. I genuinely loved these few things.

  • Great for beginners. It is really easy to learn and takes little to no effort to achieve a good hair look.
  • You can not burn yourself using this product. I can not tell you the number of times I had to put bandaids on my neck because of the curling iron. The ceramic rod is totally shielded by the outer layer allowing you to use it hassle-free.
  • Your hair does not get stuck or tangled on it. Let’s be honest we all were thinking about that. Rest assured, it is totally safe to use.
  • No more sore arms as you do not have to hold a heavy curling rod for hours just to get decent curls. With this, you only need 10 minutes.
  • It comes with an added thermometer to help you know exactly which temperature the heat is.
  • It has a 1-hour auto shut off for safety features which I think is brilliant. This is so convenient on a busy day as you do not have to worry if you forgot to turn it off or not.

Reasons to Avoid:

I tried to find some cons to consider but to be quite honest, it was really hard to find. I could only come up with two:

  • This product does not have a lot of flexibility to create different types of curls. As it can only make one-inch curls, you can not switch up your curl style or sizes every now and then.  It is ideal for everyday, loose, and wavy looking curls.
  • It does not have a stand therefore, it can easily roll away from the countertop.

CHI Spin N Curl – Specifications:

Hair Type: All Hair Types

Number of Pieces: Two

Maximum Heat: 410-degrees Fahrenheit

Pattern: Solid, no pattern applied.

Cable Length: Nine feet

Heating Time: 20 seconds

Wattage Output: 25 watts

Material: Ceramic

Power Source: Electric

Care and Cleaning: Spot or wipe clean

Warranty: 2 years limited warranty

The Bottom Line

This is a really impressive and unique product that can totally replace your regular curling iron. Let’s be honest, all we want is to look gorgeous without putting too much effort. This is an ideal partner if you are a busy city girl as well. After checking it out for a while I came to the conclusion that It is designed to make us less skilled to look like a thousand bucks and I am here for it!

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