Chi Rocket Hair Dryer Review: The Best Low EMF Hair Dryer Ever!

Are you struggling to find a hair dryer that can take care of your frizzy, damage prone hair that lacks luster no matter what you try? Is humidity one of your biggest enemies?

The CHI Rocket is an amazing hair dryer that combines ceramic and ionic technologies to give you smooth, shiny looking hair within minutes. It also has ionic infrared light that lets you know whether you are  producing infrared or ionic heat.

In this review of Chi Rocket Hair Dryer, you will see why this blow dryer can be a great investment for your hair health.  

What Makes CHI Rocket Hair Dryer So Different from Anything Else?

If you are tired of using mediocre hair dryers over and over again, it is the perfect time for a change. Your hair deserves a frizz-free, smooth and fabulous blowout that will alleviate your look tenfold. In this part of Chi Rocket Hair dryer review, we will see what makes this dryer so much more unique and different than anything else you have tried so far.

Powerful and Sturdy:

The Chi Rocket Hair Dryer is a really powerful hair dryer with its 1800-watt motor and steady, even stream of heat. The problem with most hair dryers is, they are powerful and deliver a high air flow but fail to be durable.

With the sturdy construction and one year warranty, Chi has got you covered as you don’t have to worry about the performance of this unique blow dryer.

Lightweight and Efficient:

One of my personal deal breakers for any hair dryer is the weight. If it feels like a workout to simply dry my hair in the morning, it is a big no. The problem is, most of the good hair dryers are really heavy. The ones that have lighter weight comes with a heavier price tag. Chi Rocket Hair Dryer is a good balance between these two things.

Chi Rocket is also very efficient as it does not come with many complicated features. It does what it says while maintaining a minimal style to it.

Great Value for Money:

It is not easy to find a good quality hair dryer from a reliable brand that is also relatively affordable. You can definitely find other hair dryers with similar features but they are much more expensive than this. Of course this hair dryer is no what affordable,but it is a great bargain if you look at all the features it comes with. I personally think Chi Rocket is a good investment if you are someone who uses a hair dryer on a regular basis.

Negative ion Technology:

Chi Rocket is an ionic hair dryer that generates negative ions instead of positive ones. The negative ions break up water molecules to dry your hair faster without losing any moisture. Another benefit of using a negative ion hair dryer like Chi Rocket is, they seal the hair follicles and give a super smooth look without any flyways. As each hair strand gets the ionic treatment, they look shinier and silkier than usual.

What is EMF Radiation And How CHI Rocket Can Protect Your Hair From It

Chi Rocket Hair Dryer Review

One of the key selling points of Chi Rocket Hair Dryer is its lowest output of EMF. But in order to understand why Chi Rocket Hair Dryer is a good low-EMF option, you first need to know what EMF really does.

Electromagnetic frequency aka EMF has many adverse side effects. We all know high EMF radiation can cause cancer, tumors and many other fatal diseases. What we do not know is all electronic devices emit a dangerous amount of radiation. This includes cell phones, computers, tablets and you’ve guessed it, hair dryers. Hot tools like hair dryers can produce a high amount of radiation in a short time. If you use hair dryers dailey, this can have a very slow and irreversible impact on your health.

There is no way to create a truly radiation-free hair dryer but some conscious brands are coming up with low radiation options. Chi Rocket is without a doubt one of the best low EMF hair dryers on the market, especially for the value. Of course you can find better and nicer blow dryers than this but all the possible low EMT options are super expensive. Chi Rocket Hair Dryer does all the same things but with a considerate price tag.

How You can Use CHI Rocket to Get the Perfect Blowout

Hair drying can be time consuming and irritating if you have the wrong hair tools. With Chi Rocket hair drying is super fast and fun. To Get the perfect blow dry every single  time, I like to follow three different steps:

Prepare The Hair:

After coming out of the shower, I take an old t-shirt instead of a towel to soak up the water.The reason behind using a t-shirt is, towels soaks up all the moisture and oils from your hair which makes it dry and frizzy. T-shirts are made from cotton which is a natural fabric ideal for gentle treatment. I also apply a heat protectant spray or some aloe vera gel to prevent any heat damage.

Section Up:

I like to section up my hair in three different sections from top to back. This makes the whole process so much easier and neat. I use a squire bristle brush for a sleek look and a round brush for a natural curve in the end of each strand. Pick a brush you feel comfortable with and slowly work your way up.

Lock it:

At the end of blow drying, it is better to use some cold air to shrink the hair follicles. This locks the hair in place and makes them more resilient to damage. I don’t know why it works but it does. Use the cool shot button in Chi Rocket dryer to get a blow of cold air.

Features Of The CHI Rocket Hair Dryer

The CHI Rocket Hair Dryer is a relatively straightforward hair dryer with minimal key features. If you like simple design that does the job properly without trying to act fancy, you will enjoy using CHI Rocket as your daily blow drier. Some of the key features are:

  • Powerful 1800-watt motor
  • Cool Shot Button
  • 11 foot power cord
  • Infrared light indicator
  • Low EMF9 electromagnetic field)
  • One-year warranty
  • Comes with comb attachment and drying nozzle.

The Pros:

  • Fast drying, strong airflow
  • No noise or sound
  • Adds shine and luster
  • Protects from heat damage
  • Comes with cold air option
  • Long cord

The Cons:

  • Not ideal for curly or kinky hair.
  • Gets hot after a while

The Takeaway:

A reliable hair dryer feels like an old friend that you can always count on. Sadly finding a hair dryer like this is no easy task. Chi Rocket Hair dryer can be a great option for you if you have problems with frizziness and styling at home. The simple interface helps you to achieve salon style blowout that can turn heads wherever you go. With a high-quality motor, ceramic and ionic technologies, and low EMF level, this is truly one of the best hair dryers created by CHI.

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